Exhibitions by Nikita Pozdnyakov

Solo exhibitions:

“Siberian dust”, gallery “Banderol”, Barnaul, 2014; “Omsk melancholy”, Art Art Gallery, Moscow, 2014; “Dostoevsky Zone” (together with Dima Virge), Mayakovsky Cinema, Omsk, 2015; “Splashes”, gallery “Left Foot”, Omsk, 2016; Wind, ArtNaiv Gallery, Moscow, 2017; Sansara’17, Left Leg Gallery, Omsk, 2017; “NEKUDA”, “Left Foot” gallery, Omsk, 2017; «WAR», gallery «Beacon», Omsk, 2017.


Third International Symposium «Artists and Children», Schuchinsk, Akmola region, Kazakhstan, 2010; Regional youth exhibition-competition “Young Siberia”, Krasnoyarsk, 2011; VI Interregional Youth Exhibition “Az. Art. Siberia - 2013 ”, Barnaul, 2013; Interregional youth exhibition of fine art «Young Siberia», Krasnoyarsk, 2013; All-Russian annual project Best of Russia`13 (“The Best Photos of Russia”), 2014; The Outsider Art Fair, Paris, France, 2015; «Artists who naively saw the world.» Exposition in the Museum of Tradition, Kolomna, since 2015; «NAIV ... BUT» in the framework of the V Moscow International Festival of Naive Art «Festnaiv», Moscow Museum of Modern Art, Moscow, 2017; VIII Interregional Youth Art Exhibition “Az. Art. Siberia - 2017 ”, Barnaul, 2017; “DISCIPLINARY SPACES”, Erarta Museum of Contemporary Art, St. Petersburg, 2018.


Museum of Organic Culture, Kolomna; City Museum «Art of Omsk», Omsk.