Exhibitions by Yelena Volkova

Personal exhibitions:
Exhibition Hall of the Union of Artists. Omsk, 1975; The Artist’s House on the Kuznetsky Most, Moscow, 1980; Correspondence People’s University of Arts (ZNUI), 1981, Museum of Amateur Creativity of the Peoples of the RSFSR (the Savior-Efimiev Monastery), Suzdal, 1985; All-Russian Museum of Decorative and Applied and Folk Art, (Delegatskaya Street), Moscow, 1988. «Fish, Birds and Animals. Painting of E. Volkova», Moscow. Gallery «Gift»; 1995; Museum of Contemporary Art, Moscow, 2001; The Tretyakov Gallery, 2005-2006
«Glory to Labor», Moscow, 1974; Amateur artists’ Tribute to the Motherland, Moscow, 1977; All-Union Exhibition, Moscow, 1987; All-Union Exhibition of Amateur Artists. Central House of Artists, Moscow, 1985. All-Union Exhibition of Amateur Artists (VDNKh, Montreal Pavilion), Moscow, 1987. Naifs sovietiques, 1988, (France) Dream of the Golden, 1992. Naive Art of Russia. All-Russian House of Folk Art (Sverchkov Lane). Moscow, 1993 INSITA-94; «Russian Delicacy». Still life in the works of naive artists. Supervised by K. Bogemskaya. Moscow. Gallery «DAR», 1995. Project «Moscow-Berlin». Exhibition of paintings by naive artists of Germany and Russia in the halls of the All-Russian Museum of Decorative and Applied and Folk Art (Delegatskaya Street), Moscow, 1996. Wisdom with Naive Eyes, Kirov, 1997. Naive art in the collection of K. Bogemskaya and A. Turchin. Exhibition Hall «The Ark», Moscow, 1998. Erste Wegеgnung ..., / Germany /, 1999-Russische Naieven ... (Holland), 2000. Pushkin’s images ... Moscow, 1999. Paradise apples, 2000 And Then I Saw ... 2001. The Image of the World in Naive Art. Vienna-Oslo, 2002- 2003. Festnaiv-07.
Permanent exhibition of the Museum of Organic Culture / Museum of Tradition «Artists Who Naively Saw the World» since 2015; “World of Harmony and Balance. Contemporary Folk Culture”, Moscow, Belyaevo Gallery, 2016; Flowers and Fruit. Balashikha Art Gallery, 2018; “First Balashikha Museum Biennale of Naive Art”, Balashikha Art Gallery, 2018.
«Tsaritsyno», Vladimir-Suzdal Museum-Preserve, Museum of Organic Culture/Tradition.

    Kolomna, Kremlin, Kazakova 6