Vladimir Maslov

Vladimir V. Maslov (1934/the village Lyapunovka of Tula region - ☦ 22.11.2020) - the artist of naive art.

Maslov Vladimir V. was born in the village Lyapunovka of Tula region. His parents were rural teachers. In 1936, the family moved to the Kalinin region. They lived in different villages where parents worked. During the World War II, he ran away from hunger from orphanages. He studied at the secondary school number 2 in Uglich. In 1951, he graduated from seven classes of school and went to Moscow. There he enrolled in a vocational school number 6 to become the assistant engine locomotive driver. For about two months, he studied at the art studio at the Central House of Culture of Railway Workers in Moscow.

In 1953, after graduating from the college, for some time he worked as a mechanic in a railway depot. In the summer of 1956, he arrived at the village Bely Gorodok in the Tver (Kalinin) Region, located on the spit of the Hotcha River fall to the Volga River. He found a job of a factory fireman. He earned money by decorating stands, campaign posters, painting numbers on barges and cars. He was seriously interested in history and archeology, was engaged in excavations, searched for handwritten books. In 1970, the landscapes of Maslov were presented at the exhibition dedicated to the 100th anniversary of Lenin, and the author received a diploma from the Union of Artists of the USSR. Two years later, all the paintings were destroyed. Only in the mid 1980s the artist returned to painting. The soft brush did not keep up with the fleeting state of nature, the artist began to use a wide shoe knife - a palette knife. Writing speed increased. More than 70 exhibitions took place. His works were exhibited in Hamburg, Bonn, Geneva, Nice. He is an honorary citizen of Kimry.

Vladimir Maslov. Exhibitions