Nikita Pozdnyakov

Nikita Pozdnyakov
Nikita Pozdnyakov (09.06.1987/Omsk) - artist.

He has been fond of painting from the age of 20. He considers his father to be his teacher, the artist Yuri Pozdnyakov. He had to work as a janitor, a worker in the workshop for the production of cinder blocks, barrel washer, root peeler, storekeeper, manager of the communication salon, forwarder, seller in the supermarket, manager of gravestones at the cemetery. He works in a mixed technique that connects painting and graphics. In 2010, by the invitation of Kazakhstan, he took part in an international symposium on painting, organized for artists from the CIS countries.

In 2014, his photo work “The Six” was recognized as one of the best in the project The Best of Russia. The result of the work in the Northeast cemetery in Omsk was the memory project (photos of forgotten graves). In the fall of 2015, together with the artist D. Virzhe, he became the author of the Dostoevsky Zone project, a series of collages that tells about the prison life of the writer F. M. Dostoevsky during his stay at forced labor camp in Omsk. The exhibition of works from this project was successfully held in one of Omsk cinemas. In February 2016, he became a co-organizer of the photo exhibition “300 years of quasi-grief” in Omsk. Since November 2015, he has been a member of the youth union VTOO «Union of Artists of Russia». Since February 2016, together with D. Virge and K. Gasova, he has been publishing the almanac “Prytsch”. In the fall of 2016, he moved to St. Petersburg and began living in two cities - Omsk and St. Petersburg. In April 2017, in Omsk, he founded the gallery «Modern Art». In the fall of 2017, he took part in the production of the play Omsk Top Theater “The Cripple of Inishmaan Island” based on the play of the same name by Martin McDonagh, becoming his artistic director.

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