Lyubov Maykova

Lyubov M. Maykova (05.03.1899/village Bryuhanovo, Tverskaya guberniya - ☦ 23.03.1998/Kimry) - the artist of naive art.

Maykova Lyubov M. was born and lived in a village of the Tver region. She was engaged in painting since 1982. Her first pictures were made in gouaches on paper scraps. Maykova’s development as an artist and her recognition was promoted by V.A. Moroz, a collector who opened her works and organized many of her personal exhibitions. Maikova’s pictures impressed professionals and general public with unprecedented freedom in the use of colour, expression and harmony. Most of her pictures can be attributed to the landscape genre. Heaven, earth, forest, and river - all these are colourful streams dynamic penetrating the space of her pictures.

The plot, as a rule, is taken from peasant life: harvest, hay making, firewood, dating of the beloved – and immersed in a colorful environment. Her pictures were considered to contradict the mass production of decorative self-taught painting, which was still widely represented at state exhibitions. After the 1980s, the wave of interest in the artist’s artwork decreased, and her pictures, kept mostly in private collections, rarely appear in exhibitions. This is a fairly typical example of public enthusiasm for

Lyubov Maykova. Exhibitions

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